Current Articles by Andrew Smithers

The Economics of Covid-19
Andrew Smithers
London, 26th May 2020

Investment, Productivity, and the Bonus Culture
Andrew Smithers
American Affairs Journal, Summer 2020 / Volume IV, Number 2, 21st May 2020

The Debate Over the Depreciation of Intangible Capital
Andrew Smithers
World Economics • Vol. 21 • No. 1 • January–March 2020 , 1st Apr 2020

Pandemic response should liberate flawed investment policy
Andrew Smithers
Financial Times - Letters, 17th March 2020, 17th Mar 2020

Corporation Tax
Andrew Smithers
London, 12th Nov 2019

Japan does not have an investment problem
Andrew Smithers & Pelham Smithers
Financial Times - Letters, 16th Sep 2019

The NTV Model for Total Factor Productivity
Andrew Smithers
World Economics • Vol. 20 • No. 2 • April–June 2019, 1st Jul 2019

A Critical Review of Thomas Piketty’s Capitalism in the 21st Century.
Andrew Smithers
World Economics, Vol. 19 No. 3 July-Sept 2018., 23rd Oct 2018

Andrew Smithers' comments on the report by the Institute for Public Policy Research on “Economic Justice”
Andrew Smithers
London, 4th Oct 2018

The Problem of Economic Incompetence.
Andrew Smithers
London, 31st Oct 2017