Current Articles by Andrew Smithers

Paul Krugman on Corporation Tax, Right first time - Wong this time.
Andrew Smithers
London, 30th Apr 2021

Corporation Tax
Andrew Smithers
London, 22nd Apr 2021

The Hill Review - and London's prospects as a global centre for capital-raising
Jonathan Hill
Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, 25th Mar 2021

Letter: Britain’s bonus culture is bad for productivity
Andrew Smithers
Financial Times - Letters, 2nd Mar 2021

Short-termism: The False Debate.
Andrew Smithers
London, 1st Feb 2021

Savings Glut or Investment Dearth: Rethinking Monetary Policy
Andrew Smithers
American Affairs Vol, IV No 4, Winter 2020 edition, 1st Dec 2020

'Bonus Culture' holds back public investment
Andrew Smithers
Financial Times - Letters, 23rd Oct 2020

The Impact of the Bonus Culture on the UK Economy
Andrew Smithers
World Economics • Vol. 21 • No. 3 • July–Sept 2020, 1st Oct 2020

Investment and Unemployment
Andrew Smithers
London, 27th Jul 2020

Zombies & Creative Destruction
Andrew Smithers
London, 13th Jul 2020