Current Articles by Andrew Smithers

A Schumpeterian view of zombie companies
Andrew Smithers
Financial Times - Letters, 29th Jun 2020

The Economics of Covid-19
Andrew Smithers
London, 26th May 2020

Investment, Productivity, and the Bonus Culture
Andrew Smithers
American Affairs Journal, Summer 2020 / Volume IV, Number 2, 21st May 2020

The Debate Over the Depreciation of Intangible Capital
Andrew Smithers
World Economics • Vol. 21 • No. 1 • January–March 2020 , 1st Apr 2020

Pandemic response should liberate flawed investment policy
Andrew Smithers
Financial Times - Letters, 17th March 2020, 17th Mar 2020

Corporation Tax
Andrew Smithers
London, 12th Nov 2019

Japan does not have an investment problem
Andrew Smithers & Pelham Smithers
Financial Times - Letters, 16th Sep 2019

The NTV Model for Total Factor Productivity
Andrew Smithers
World Economics • Vol. 20 • No. 2 • April–June 2019, 1st Jul 2019

A Critical Review of Thomas Piketty’s Capitalism in the 21st Century.
Andrew Smithers
World Economics, Vol. 19 No. 3 July-Sept 2018., 23rd Oct 2018

Andrew Smithers' comments on the report by the Institute for Public Policy Research on “Economic Justice”
Andrew Smithers
London, 4th Oct 2018