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The following articles mention Andrew Smithers' research/published papers, but we are unable to provide a link to some articles, if they are subscription websites.

Two (other) ways of looking at a yield curve
Robert Armstrong
FT.com Opinion Unhedged 15 July 2021

Equities are the only sensible foundation for private pensions
Martin Wolf
FT.com Opinion Pensions 11 July 2021

This time isn't different, but scarier
Edward Chancellor
Reuters - Breakinviews 3 June 2021

Stocks vs Bonds: The Rematch
John Authers
Bloomberg Opinion - "Points of Return" 1 June 2021

Who will pay for a rise in US corporate taxes
Robert Armstrong
Financial Time 3 May 2021

‘Greed Is Good’ Does Not Apply to Big Pharma Coming to the Rescue
Roger Bootle
The Telegraph 4 April 2021

Is the bonus culture to blame to for our woefully weak productivity
David Smith
The Times 19 February 2020

Q Is for the Question: How Overvalued Are Stocks?
John Authers
Bloomberg.com 27th September 2019

Britain's perverse bonus culture is hurting the economy
Jonathan Ford
Financial Times 12 August 2019

US investment is not inexplicable
Andrew Smithers - Letters to the editor
Financial Times 26 April 2019

Accounting has become the opposite of useful for users
Jonathan Ford
Financial Times 10 March 2019

Fundamental imbalance Japan does not address
Andrew Smithers - Letters to the editor
Financial Times 21 November 2018

Bringing company accounts into line with economic reality
Andrew Smithers - Letters to the editor
Financial Times 9 October 2018

Why rising bond yields are not yet an obstacle for US equities
John Authers - The Long View
Financial Times 21 September 2018

How to cure the bonus culture's drag on productivity
Andrew Smithers - Letters to the editor
Financial Times 29 May 2018

Decisions are made in the interests of management
Andrew Smithers - Letters to the editor
Financial Times 10 December 2017

The market has never done better
John Authers - Opinion "Smart Money"
Financial Times 15 November 2017

Unfortunately, deflation is likely to remain alive
Dr Frank Boll - Letters to the Editor
Financial Times 21 August 2017

Buyout fund investors must get over their "FoMo"
Kate Burgess
Financial Times 31 May 2017

Executive pay needs a radical new structure
Leader page
Financial Times 14 February 2017

How paying chief executives less can help corporate performance
The Big Read
Financial Times 13 February 2017

Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland world of UK government bonds
Neil Collins
Financial Times 19 August 2016

CMI reveals a third of failing UK managers still receive bonus
Sarah O'Connor
Financial Times 3 June 2015

US profit margins: the party never ends
Financial Times 2 June 2015

Productivity: It's a drag
Sam Fleming & Chris Giles
Financial Times 25 May 2015

CEO pay: it is time for one brave leader to ask for less
by Michael Skapinker
Financial Times 20 May 2015

On Management: Skewed logic on managers' bonuses
Simon Caulkin
Financial Times 17 May 2015

The Rich Column: Pester power in action
Matthew Vincent
Financial Times 8 May 2015

Are we there yet?
Dan McCrum
Financial Times 6 May 2015

Low productivity alarms US policy makers
Sam Fleming
Financial Times 6 May 2015

Free Lunch: Vote tallies and seats counts
Martin Sandbu
Financial Times 28 April 2015

No clear poll pay-off from rising UK living standards
Emily Cadman
Financial Times 14 January 2015

Big macro trade is way to profit in Japan
John Authers
Financial Times 19 November 2014

Bonus curbs key to cracking the governance code
Anthony Hilton
The London Evening Standard 17 September 2014

US stocks sail on but scan the horizon for a correction
John Authers
Financial Times 20 June 2014

Welcome to the new era of bank downsizing
John Plender
Financial Times 13 May 2014

US stocks / buybacks: musical shares
Financial Times 7 April 2014

Why value equations inevitably fall short
John Authers
Financial Times 6 April 2014

Quantitative easing is not a miracle market cure
Jonathan Davis
Financial Times 6 April 2014

Osborne was forced to favour spenders over savers
Martin Wolf
Financial Times 27 March 2014

The Ideas Column: Forget the hype
James Mackintosh
Financial Times 27 March 2014

Peering into the entrails - Downbeat signals from the markets
The Economist 22 March 2014

Moeda chinesa atinge menor nível desde fevereiro de 2013
Fernando Nakagawa
Agência Estado Broadcast 21 March 2014

Lunch with the FT - Andrew Smithers
Martin Wolf
Financial Times 1/2 March 2014

Centrica typifies the ills of the British energy industry
Will Hutton
The Observer 22 February 2014

Britain's economy is broken - but how can we fix it?
Merryn Somerset Webb
Money Week 31 January 2014

How to spend $2.8tn of corporate cash
John Plender
Financial Times 27 January 2014

Cash hoarders are unlikely to ride to the rescue
Brooke Masters
Financial Time 24 January 2014

IPOs betoken a healthy stock market, not Tulipmania
Jonathan Guthrie
Financial Times 23 January 2014

Overvaluation: the evidence
Economist.com 22 January 2014

Iteration versus disruption
Dan McCrum
FTAlphaville 21 January 2014

Hibernating bear sustenance (part two, the UK)
Dan McCrum
FTAlphaville 20 January 2014

Hibernating bear sustenance (part one, US
Dan McCrum
FTAlphaville 20 January 2014

All market forecasts come right in the end
Neil Collins
Financial Times 17 January 2013

BoE will 'move goalposts' on interest rates
Chris Giles and Claire Jone
Financial Times 1 January 2014

Productivity will continue to be a puzzle
Claire Jones and Chris Giles
Financial Times 1 January 2014

Wealth Effect: Autopilot: In Search of the Perfect Portfolio Formula
Brett Arends
The Wall Sreet Journal 28 December 2013

Books it will pay you to read this Christmas
Merryn Somerset Webb
Financial Times 20 December 2013

Abe's arrows are aimed at the wrong target
Dominic Picardo
Financial Times 20 December 2013

The real culprits were the global economic situation: Moderators
Yoav Bornstein
Calcalist 19 December 2013

Compléments d’enquête... sur le coût du capital
Bernard Marx
Regards.fr 18 December 2013

Why Abenomics will disappoint
Martin Wolf
Financial Times 17 December 2013

Corporate responsibility: it's time to start investing those record profits and cash piles
James McGeever
Reuters.com 3 December 2013

Books of the Year
Financial Times 29 November 2013

Video: The UK's Dodgy Recovery
Dominic Picarda
Investors Chronicle 26 November 2013

The Fed will not take away the puchbowl of easy money
Jonathan Davis
Financial Times 25 November 2013

Why the future looks sluggish
Martin Wolf
Financial Times 19 November 2013

The incentive gap
James Saft
International Financing Review 19 November 2013

A deficit of deficit crredibility
David Keohane
Financial Times 12 November 2013

The real bill for bonus party
Andreas Cervenka
SvD Naringsliv 9 November 2013

Margin for error - American corporate profits seem to have defied gravity
Economist.com 2 November 2013

Investing In Global Equities: Eye of the beholder
Joeph Mariathasan
Investment & Pensions Europe 1 November 2013

Poor policy
Stephanie Hawthorne
Pensions World 1 November 2013

Book Review: The Road to Recovery
Diane Coyle
The World Economic Forum - blog 23 October 2013

No progress here
Letters page
Socialisparty.org.uk 17-23 October 2013

The well-off must get used to being picked on
Ed Bowsher
MoneyWeek 14 October 2013

Investment's the key victim of this bonus rampage
Margareta Pagano
The Independent 13 October 2013

QE has stigmastised the well-off
Merryn Somerset Webb
Financial Times 11 October 2013

The Road to Recovery, by Andrew Smithers [Review]
John Authers
Financial Times 7 October 2013

People feel the system works to serve an elite and that has to change
Anthony Hilton
The Independent 5 October 2013

The profits prophet
Economist.com 5 October 2013

The recovery is coming: can we relax yet?
Richard Cree
The New Statesman 1 October 2013

The Road to Recovery - Book Review
Richard Cree
Economia Magazine 1 October 2013

Addiction to debt and the economics of independence
The CA 1 October 2013

The Road to Recovery - Book Review
Financial World 1 October 2013

The wrong policies for the wrong recession
Jonathan Boyd
Investment Europe 1 October 2013

Real recovery needs an overhaul of the invedstment machine
Heather Stewart
The Guardian 25 August 2013

The view from GMO
Buttonwood's notebook
Economist.com 25 September 2013

Cue q
John Authers - FT Long Short
Financial Times 3 September 2013

Clash of the CAPE crusaders
John Authers
Financial Times 2 September 2013

Measuring the gauges of US stock valuations
John Authers
Financial Times 1 September 2013

Nationwide's Pibs squeeze makes capital sense
Neil Collins
Financial Times 30 August 2013

Yes, productivity matters - but it is not everything
Samuel Brittan
Financial Times 22 August 2013

CAPE Fear: Siegel Strikes Back
John Authers - FT Long Short
Financial Times 19 August 2013

Net gains and losses
Economist 15 August 2013

Are we really better off than the numbers show?
Buttonwood's notebook
Economist.com 8 August 2013

Bankers the winners in Severn Trent attack
Neil Collins
Financial Times 26 July 2013

A mysterious divergence
Robin Harding
Financial Times 24 July 2013

Smithers Sees Stock Rally as "Poor Analysis" Props Policy
Anna Kitanaka
Bloomberg.com 18 July 2013

Of economic models and men
Merryn Somerset Webb
Financial Times 28 June 2013

The global economy and monetary policy - Words of caution
Bottonwood's notebook
Economist.com 26 June 2013

The discount rate illusion
Buttonwood's notebook
Economist.com 23 May 2013

Markets Insight: Central bankers turn deaf ear on balance sheets
John Plender
Financial Times 21 May 2013

How excessive executive pay crimps your returns
Merryn Somerset Webb
Financial Times 26 April 2013

Efforts to Revive the Economy Lead to Worries of a Bubble
Jesse Eisinger
The New York Times 17 April 2013

Japan's unfinished policy revolution
Martin Wolf
Financial Times 9 April 2013

Where we're heading
James Mackintosh
Financial Times 14 March 2013

US earnings: what they tell us
Financial Times 14 March 2013

America's stockmarket: Better than the alternatives
Schumpeter - Business & Management
Economist.com 6 March 2013

The risky task of relaunching Japan
Martin Wolf
Financial Times 5 March 2013

Consistency in an uncertain world
Edward Chancellor
Financial Times 3 March 2013

The sad record of fiscal austerity
Martin Wolf
Financial Times 26 February 2013

Central bankers applaud appetite for risk
John Plender
Financial Times 24 February 2013

Anthong Hilton: Is it time for George to call in Mr Smithers?
Anthony Hilton
The Independent 23 February 2013

Miners' gravy train is grinding to a halt
Neil Collins
Financial Times 22 February 2013

Companies Awash in Cash. And Debt
Alen Mattich
WSJ.com 12 February 2013

Markets: With the volume down
Jaded traders are seeking clues that big economies are returning to solid growth

Ralph Atkins
Financial Times 11 February 2013

Paying the premium
Economist.com 6 February 2013

Japan can put people before profits
Martin Wolf
Financial Times 6 February 2013

Das Bonus-Problem
Daniel Binswanger
Das Magazin 1 February 2013

Is Japan about to come in from the cold?
John Plender
Financial Times 28 January 2013

Stimulus measures lift Japanese stocks
Brian Milner
The Globe and Mail 20 January 2013

Optimism as Japan emerges from irrelevance
John Authers
Financial Times 18 January 2013

Japanese Stocks Trading Below Fair Value, Smithers Says
Adam Haigh and Anna Kitanaka
Bloomberg.com 14 January 2013

Economist Andrew Smithers on Labor, Capital and Increased Tax Rates
The Business Desk with Paul Solman and Jon Shayne
PBS Newshour 10 January 2013