CSFI YouTube series: The Hill Review – and London’s prospects as a global centre for capital-raising – CSFI

Why you should watch: A couple of weeks ago, the long-awaited review of London’s listing requirements by our former EU Commissioner, Lord (Jonathan) Hill, was published – to a generally positive reception from the Exchanges, the press and most independent commentators. The government now has to follow up on it – and on the recommendations of the Kalifa Report, which is also part of the longer-term strategy for the UK’s financial services sector. Three experts – one each from the London Stock Exchange and the Financial Times, plus a leading independent analyst – examine Hill’s proposals, add their own recommendations and discuss the challenges facing London.

Moderators: Andrew Hilton (Director, CSFI) & Jane Fuller (Co-director, CSFI)


Marcus Stuttard is the Head of Primary Markets at the LSEG, and Head of AIM, the Exchange’s growth market for SMEs.

Andrew Smithers is the founder of Smithers & Co, which he set up in 1989, having previously run SG Warburg’s asset management business. He is also a prolific author, most recently of Productivity and the Bonus Culture – a powerful attack on the incentive system in contemporary capitalism.

Jonathan Guthrie is the City Editor at the Financial Times (of which he is an Associate Editor) and Head of Lex, which focuses on UK companies.

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